Old Photos

We where given some old photograpgs taken by a friend when Lynne and I did the Wirral Coastal Walk in the spring of 1997, lol I think
lol can’t believe how young we all look, well how young Lynne looks I look about the same


We walked for a local charity Called New Brighton Rock, a fantastic group of people and music fans who put on bands on in the Hotel Victoria’s ball room in New Brighton, every Wednesday night we all used to meet up and we had some great nights, my little brothers band and our friends bands used to play there, and it’s where Lynne and I met again

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Thursday 23.10.14

Woke up early had coffee and then took Ruby out for a walk, work was busy and I was on my own for the morning, Phil was doing his DMS system training, came home cooked dinner and then spent some time sorting out our wine, then when Lynne finished work we watched tv and got a early night

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Nice Walk With Ruby


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Wednesday 22.10.14

Woke up to a cool but clear morning after all of the wind and rain yesterday, made our lunches and then went off to Wallasey for more training, got back to Heswall just after lunch and to see my desk you would not believe I was only off for a morning and a afternoon, got home and cooked dinner and then spent the evening reading and listening to music

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This Evening’s Sunset

Sunset A photo by neilirving on Flickr

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Our Next Wine

We spent a nice Sunday afternoon collecting blackberries from the woodland by our house, washed them and put them in a bucket of hot water  and sugar


When it had cooled we added the yeast and yeast nutrient and after a day it really started to bubble


After five days we transferred the fermentating blackberry juice to a clean demijohn and added some more sugar

After eight days it stopped fermentating so we transferred to a clean demijohn and added the fermentation stopper and stabiliser, it’s really starting to clear nicely

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Tuesday 21.10.14

Woke up really early this morning to gale force winds, couldn’t get back to sleep so I go up made our lunches and potterd about, picked up a customers car on the way to work and had a busy day in work and was on another training course this afternoon after dropping off my customers on the way to our Wallasey site and boy was it cold in the board room where we have the computers set up, the building dates back to the 1950’s and not exactly draft proof, finished our course handy and was nice to get home early and cook dinner, spent the rest of the evening watching TV and sorting out our homemade wine, it needed transferring to a new clean demijohn

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