A Nice Cycle To The Stables And Back


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Sunday 21.04.14 Easter Day

We where all woken up by Heather ringing us to tell us She had a great night camping at the farm and that she had fed the horses so we can have a lie in lol we had coffee and went to the stables Heather wanted to show Skye in the fun show so it was bath time for Skye, her first ever bath and she was so good probably shell shocked she just stood there while we lathered her up and hosed her down, Heather and Lynne where so proud showing her off and came away with 3rd and 4th places, spent the rest of the day watching the girls jumping their horses they where all so good and a great day was had by all, so nice that the farm owner take time out to do all this, got home late afternoon and got cleaned up and went to Lynne’s mum and dad’s for dinner, lovely not cooking and relaxing and having a laugh, had to leave at 9pm to get a very tired Heather home to bed, spent the rest of the evening in front of the TV and a early night

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Fun Show At The Stables

Heather stayed at the farm last night all the girls crammed in one tent, we left the house early this morning and turned Jack out for the day, he really would not have liked all the noise of everyone getting there horses ready for the fun show, Heather wanted to show Skye in the best turned out round, so it was Skye’s first bath and she was as good as gold
Heather was so proud to be showing Skye


And she was as pleased as punch to come away with a 4th
image Next it was Lynne’s turn and she entered best turned out ridden
image And came away with a third
image Skye is such a lovely chilled out horse who takes it all in her stride and really seems to enjoy it all, really hard to imagine that twelve months ago she was wild and un handled

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Saturday 19.04.14

Was up bright and early this morning, decided to walk to work this morning might as well make something out of a waste of a morning, and it was lovely, work was very quiet and and a waste of my time, the only customers I had couldn’t help them selves let alone be helped by me, finished work at lunchtime and walked home a different route and took some nice photos, got home had lunch the took Ruby out for a drive and had a nice walk, and found a nice bit of land for sale complete with good fencing and stables, a quick enquiry with a neighbour who was gardening told me it was selling for a crazy 100 thousand pounds, we would have to sell the house and live in a tent,
Sorry it’s a bit of a cropped photo but I didn’t want to publish the owners phone number, in the unlikely event of me winning the lottery lol I would not want anyone beating us to it :-D

Called into my mum and dad’s on the way home and Ruby had a great time exploring there garden, got home cooked dinner for Cameron and I, Heather is camping at the farm tonight and tomorrow there is a little horse show, when Lynne finished work I made her dinner and we had a well deserved cider

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Rapeseed Field

Rapeseed Field by neilirving
Rapeseed Field, a photo by neilirving on Flickr.

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Rapeseed by neilirving
Rapeseed, a photo by neilirving on Flickr.

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Little Blue Flowers

Little Blue Flowers by neilirving
Little Blue Flowers, a photo by neilirving on Flickr.

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