Our Next Wine

We spent a nice Sunday afternoon collecting blackberries from the woodland by our house, washed them and put them in a bucket of hot water  and sugar


When it had cooled we added the yeast and yeast nutrient and after a day it really started to bubble


After five days we transferred the fermentating blackberry juice to a clean demijohn and added some more sugar

After eight days it stopped fermentating so we transferred to a clean demijohn and added the fermentation stopper and stabiliser, it’s really starting to clear nicely

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Tuesday 21.10.14

Woke up really early this morning to gale force winds, couldn’t get back to sleep so I go up made our lunches and potterd about, picked up a customers car on the way to work and had a busy day in work and was on another training course this afternoon after dropping off my customers on the way to our Wallasey site and boy was it cold in the board room where we have the computers set up, the building dates back to the 1950’s and not exactly draft proof, finished our course handy and was nice to get home early and cook dinner, spent the rest of the evening watching TV and sorting out our homemade wine, it needed transferring to a new clean demijohn

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Baby Ladybug

this belive it or not is a baby Ladybug (LadyBird) or (Coccinellidae) not a pretty thing either
Baby Ladybird A photo by neilirving on Flickr

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Monday 20.10.14

Was up and about early this morning, ironed the kids school uniforms and then made our lunches, had coffee before making my way to work, had a very busy day in work and out new MOT tester Jay started today and seems a nice fella, came home to a lovely dinner and then spent the evening infront of the tv with the family

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Androidify yourself, a fun little app from google where you can turn androids little green mascot into a animated version of yourself or your friends and family


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Sunday 19.10.14

Had a bit of a lie in this morning and didn’t wake up till 8am, prepared our picnic lunch and dinner, then we went to the farm, we had a lovely day with the horses Lynne rode Skye in the school then after Lynne had wore her out I got to ride, then we tried Jack in the school lol he loves it in there not, but Lynne wore him out as well then I got to ride well cool him down around the yard, we got home late afternoon finished cooking dinner and then got a early night watching DVD’S in bed

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A Windswept Day At The Stables

We had a lovely but windy day at the stables the horses came over to us when we called them, we gave them a good groom, then Lynne rode Skye in the school and she was so good and even went over some jumps,by the time I got to ride her, her get up and go had got up and gone,
What a soggy horse


Jack was really good in the school and even ran a bit lol he did have the wind behind him


Lynne turning a very tired Jack and Skye out for the night


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