P&O Cruise 10th Of October 2010

This time five years ago we went on a cruise around the Mediterranean Sea on P&O’s
cruise ship The Ventura

this is the little log of are cruise

Friday 8th October 2010
Up at 4am and on the road by 5am, parked the car at 10.30 and on the ship by 12pm, took full advantage of the priority boarding nice champagne,
Not able to sale tonight weather to bad off the coast of Spain

The Kids Checking out our Cabin

Saturday 9th October 2010
Up at 7am and sail away at 8am seas a bit rough and will get worse tonight, kids went to the kids club and Lynne went line dancing, I had a nice morning on deck reading, we had lunch in the Saffron restaurant and the kids went back to the club and Lynne and I at the metropolis bar watching the front of the ship go up and down, had nice meal with Helen joining us, kids went back to the club and we went to see a comedian Andy Wilkins, All in bed by 10.30

Sunday 10th October 2010
Nice relaxing day kids in the club and we spent the day chilling by the pool, reading and listening to music, went and watched Cameron on the bungee jump, had a very nice meal in the Cinnamon restaurant, Lynne and I roped into the mister and misses competition which we won lol, nice champagne

Monday 11th October 2010
Woke this morning to the sun rising out over the sea like a ball of flame, me and Cameron walked around the deck before breakfast, lol Lynne was getting some funny looks and questions about her flexibility after some of the questions in the mister and misses competition, Lynne was not feeling so good today but we spent a nice day in the sun, packed the kids off this evening to the kids club, Lynne and I went for a nice meal on are own to the Cinnamon restaurant, then watched Chilli Gold, passed through the Gap of Gibraltar at about 11pm Cameron was made up to see the lights of Africa all asleep by 12pm except Lynne who went with Helen to the crew bar not sure what time she got in


Tuesday 12th October 2010
All up at 9.15 for breakfast spent a nice day in the sun by the pool till late afternoon, Captains gala reception in formal dress and a nice meal in the Cinnamon restaurant, kids went to there club and we watched a Phil Collins tribute, weather turned bad this evening and we had a really rough night lol the kids and I slept through it like babies



Wednesday 13th October 2010
Woke up at 7.30 to the ship docking in Barcelona the weather was dull and looked like it was going to be a wet day,we had a lovely day in Barcelona we all and a huge beer, then off to Los Caracoles for lunch a real hidden Spanish gem a delicatessen at the front then you walk through the kitchens to get to the restaurant, Cameron loved his snails,this evening we watched comedian George King in the Havana bar, then it was a 60’s and 70’s night we looked great in are outfits

We all enjoyed the street artists on the La Rambla
Enjoying big beers
Cameron and I enjoyed snails in Los Caracoles

Thursday 14th October 2010
Woke up at 8am to a beautiful sunny morning moored of the coast of Cannes,we had a nice breakfast then down to deck 4 to board a tender to yet us to Cannes harbour,we had a lovely lunch on the beach,and a nice paddle and all got a soaking by some of the stray waves lapping the beach, back on board the ship kids wanted a swim before sail away, went to The White Room, Marco Pierre White’s restaurant tonight for Mal and Di’s 38th wedding anniversary and a TV quiz in the Exchange Pub


Mal and Di on there Wedding anniversary

Friday 15th October 2010
Woke in the Roma port of Civitavecchia had breakfast and Cameron and I walked the harbour into the town not a really nice place everything sort of unfinished lots of graffiti and kids with nothing to, a bit like home lol, back to the ship for lunch, burger and chips by the pool, kids then spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool, had a family photo shoot this evening got a great one of the family and kids shame we can’t buy them all, had a couple of drinks in the Exchange Pub with Mal and met Clem Curtis and what a nice fella he is


Saturday 16th October 2010
In the port of Livorno a cool and overcast morning, went on a coach trip to Pisa shame it rained but we got the pictures of the holding up the tower, back at the ship it was tropical theme night


Sunday 17th October 2010
Woke up this morning on the southern coast of Sardinia we had to avoid the Northern Mediterranean force 11 storm, rough seas all day today poor Mal spent all evening in bed seasick we all went to the theatre to see Clem Curtis and the Clemets of witch Helen was one, then watched Jayne Middleton really good Annie Lennox tribute,

Helen with Clem Curtis

Monday 18th October 2010
Woke up to sunshine in Valencia after some rough seas last night, got the bus in to Valencia and had a nice walk around town and a nice lunch in a street cafe, made it back to the ship for a fun sail away with a sing along with Clem Curtis joining in, curry night tonight and we where invited to the Captain’s party witch was fun, then to the theatre to watch The Ventura Theater Company

Clem Curtis joining the Ventura entertainment crew for a sail away sing song

Lynne and Helen having a hug after a fun sale away

Tuesday 19th October 2010
Still on are way to Gibraltar should be docking about 12.30, we all had a great afternoon in Gibraltar we had a guided tour of The Rock starting with a view of Lord Nelsons fort and dock then to the caves witch are now a theatre, went to see the monkeys witch are cute but hard work, they where all over the mini bus and trying to get in, met up with Helen and Leon for sword fish and chips, made the most of the cheap booze, vodka £3.50 a bottle
Another fun sail-away everyone waving the union jack flags, lol at the Spanish, on are way home now boo hoo. Spent the evening in the Exchange pub doing the pub quiz


Wednesday 20th October 2010
At sea today weather is good everyone making the most of the sun sat by the pool having a beer or 2, Passenger and crew talent show this afternoon it was a lot of fun especially the entertainment officers show, in the evening we watched Jayne Middleton tribute Annie Lennox witch again was fantastic
Venturs entertainment officers show

Thursday 21st October 2010
Are last day, the sea is bit rough and the sun is not out,we had the fun job of packing but the cheep vodka we bought helped, everyone a bit miserable this evening we went to the Ramblas for tapas then to the Tamararind to see Ricky Zalez, in bed for 11.30 and the clocks went back so an extra hour in bed

Friday 22nd October 2010
We where all up for 7am had a quick breakfast, then we had to wait till 9.30 before we could get off. Straight on the bus to get us to the car park loaded up and fuelled up by 11am.it took us a good 5 hours to get home with no major hold ups

What an absolutely fabulous holiday

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Wednesday 07.10.15

Woke up to a horrible wet and windy morning, sorted out the the chickens, made out lunches and did some ironing, finally had coffee before getting ready to go to work, had a very busy day with a bit of catching up from yesterday, thankfully the rain stopped and the sun came out at lunchtime and I was able to go out for a nice walk, this afternoon went quickly and I was soon home and cooking dinner, after we had eaten and tidied up I just chilled till Lynne finished work, we had a cup of tea and chatted about our day and then I went to bed and read my book for a bit

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A Nice Lunchtime Walk

Thankfully the weather cleared up a bit and the sun came out, it was still a bit windy but still nice to get out for a walk

St Peter’s Church
St Peters Church A photo by neilirving on Flickr



Created by Google My Tracks on Android

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The Shop Front

One of local artist David Hillhouse’s paintings called the Shop Front which is in the Williamson Art Gallery has been printed off and made into a mural, and put on a shop back in Birkenhead
Shop Front, Birkenhead, Wirral A photo by neilirving on Flickr

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Tuesday 06.10.15

I was up and about early this morning, sorted out the chickens and then once I had got the kids up I had coffee and breakfast before going to work then on to a training course/conference at the St Davids Park Hotel boy was it a long day, came home and cooked our dinner and after we had eaten and tidied up I chilled out with my book and a rum till Lynne finished work, sat in the kitchen with Lynne while she had her dinner and chatted about our day before getting a early night

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Dew On The Grass

Dew On The Grass

Dew On The Grass

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Monday 05.10.15

Woken up to a cold wet and windy morning, just perfect for a Monday lol not overly pleased when It’s a Monday and sunny, had a busy day in work and I think it was the first time in over a week that I couldn’t go out at lunchtime due to the weather, finished work and came home to a nice dinner, after we had eaten and tidied up we spent the rest of the evening watching TV till it was time for bed

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