Friday 10.06.16

I was up and about early this morning as usual and sorted out the chickens before going back to bed with my coffee and book, had a very busy day in work and we also had some staff training on a new digital Vehicle Health Check computer program, it’s a bit long winded but it’s compulsory so we will just have to get used to it, when I finished work I did a bit of shopping for the weekend and when I got home cooked dinner, Lynne came home and ate with us, she has not been feeling very well the last couple of days, she took Ruby out for a walk the other day and came home covered in a rash and hives, today her arms have swollen up and she decided a trip to the hospital was called for, thay didn’t know what it was but gave her a course of antibiotics, this evening she felt a bit washed out and dizzy so I was her chauffeur on her last couple of calls,  we also had time to check on Skye which was nice

A Nice evening to check on Skye

When we got home we showed and then more or less went straight to bed


About neilirving

hello and welcome, We live on the Wirral Peninsula, Merseyside, in the United Kingdom, My wife Lynne and I have been together now for over 22 years and we have two Kids Cameron and Heather, I work in the motor trade and worked for the same company Windsors Of Wallasey, since I left school at 16 years old, Early February 2017 I left my current employer and went to as Liverpool Seat, , a big step after 27 years. November 2018 I took a job at Eastham Motors, which is a small family run business I love taking photographs so images will be linked from my Flickr account and Instagram account, Nearly all of the photographs are taken on my mobile phone camera lol its always with me and they are all for sale and are available in a number of different formats, please drop me a message for any more info I also spend as much time as I can reading and listening to music and enjoy many different genres, other hobbies include wine making, walking, and looking after our chickens, We spent a good part of 2012 with our horse (Kelly) who we rescued in January and we learned so much and very quickly about horses, we had to work so hard with her and as time as went by we made a really great horse out of her, in June 2012 we got are puppy Ruby, April 2013 we sold Kelly on and we bought Jack are 4 year old cob cross in May 2013, in August 2013 we rescued Skye a 6 year old coloured cob who was completely un-handled and has been a pleasure to work with, sadly in March 2015 we had to sell Jack, no matter how hard we tried we could not stop him from kicking and we had all been injured by him and we have to think about the kids
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8 Responses to Friday 10.06.16

  1. dudachicken says:

    I hope Lynne is feeling better if anyone knows what it’s like to be sick it’s me and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy thank god I don’t have very many of them in my life. Sending Hugs From Australia πŸ™‚

    • neilirving says:

      She’s feeling a bit better this morning, we think it was some sort of allergic reaction to something while she was out walking, which is a bit odd and worrying as we are out doors all the time

  2. dudachicken says:

    That’s good that she is feeling better. Yes I get allergic reactions to things and so does my stepson we always have antihistamines and stingo’s in our house in case of emergencies lol. I can tell from all your beautiful photo’s your a outdoorsy family we would be if we weren’t working as much we try when we have stepson for school holidays πŸ™‚

    • neilirving says:

      Having the horse and dog help us stay outdoors, till we had the horses I had terrible hay fever and was a mess all summer long, I think spending all year with hay and straw I have become immune πŸ™‚

      • dudachicken says:

        Yeah maybe that’s what I need instead of cats lol. but I’m not allergic to cats it’s the flowers in the city that do me in I’d be fine at home till I go into work and walk past all the flowering trees I’d start sneezing and my eye’s would water and my nose would itch. I have tried nasal sprays and antihistamines but they make me feel worse especially when they wear off this is just who I am I guess πŸ™‚

      • neilirving says:

        I used to be the very same, work was terrible all the dust and exhaust fumes, working in the office and talking on the phone was tricky when you keep sneezing πŸ™‚

  3. dudachicken says:

    It’s so good to talk to someone who has been through the same things my man doesn’t understand because he doesn’t get hayfever and hardly gets sick I know he is frustrated with me atm because he wants me back at work but I’m not quite ready I have one good day then the next feel like crap and when you work with children you have to be on your A game I still don’t know if he realizes how hard my job is I know his is very stressful because just about everyday he comes home whinging and in a bad mood I relish the days he has a good day πŸ™‚

    • neilirving says:

      lol Lynne used to get so mad at me sneezing all the time, Defiantly need eyes in the back of your head when working in child care, Lynne used to work in a nursery and we where registered child minders for a time

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