Friday 11.11.16

Had a restless nights sleep, Heather is still un-well and slept in our bed so Lynne could keep an eye on her, I was sleeping in the armchair till Lynne woke me at 4am Heather was feeling even worse and Lynne took her to the out of hours doctor at Arrowe Park Hospital ( you need a letter from the pope to get an appointment at the kids and Lynne’s doctor) the hospital where really good and she was seen quickly, she has really bad tonsillitis and they wanted to keep her in and get some antibiotics in her via a drip, Lynne sad she would be more comfortable at home and they came away just before 5am with some antibiotics and steroids, I was up and about at my usual 5.30am had coffee and breakfast then sorted out the chickens befor cykling to work via the farm to turn Skye out for the day, it was a lovely clear and frosty morning and hardly any wind, had a very busy day in work and thankfully the time flew, I’m off work tomorrow 🙂 had a nice cycle home from work and when I got in it was just me for dinner, Cameron was in bed feeling un-well and Heather was not up to eating, spent the rest of the evening reading, listening to music and watching YouTube videos, when Lynne finished work we chatted about our day and had some supper, then got a early night


About neilirving

hello and welcome, We live on the Wirral Peninsula, Merseyside, in the United Kingdom, My wife Lynne and I have been together now for over 19 years and we have two Kids Cameron and Heather, I work in the motor trade and have worked for the same company Windsors Of Wallasey, since I left school at 16 years old, Early February 2017 I left my current employer and went to as Liverpool Seat, , a big step after 27 years I love taking photographs so images will be linked from my Flickr account and Instagram account, Nearly all of the photographs are taken on my mobile phone camera lol its always with me and they are all for sale and are available in a number of different formats, please drop me a message for any more info I also spend as much time as I can reading and listening to music and enjoy many different genres, other hobbies include wine making, walking, and looking after our chickens, We spent a good part of 2012 with our horse (Kelly) who we rescued in January and we learned so much and very quickly about horses, we had to work so hard with her and as time as went by we made a really great horse out of her, in June 2012 we got are puppy Ruby, April 2013 we sold Kelly on and we bought Jack are 4 year old cob cross in May 2013, in August 2013 we rescued Skye a 6 year old coloured cob who was completely un-handled and has been a pleasure to work with, sadly in March 2015 we had to sell Jack, no matter how hard we tried we could not stop him from kicking and we had all been injured by him and we have to think about the kids
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12 Responses to Friday 11.11.16

  1. Vicki says:

    good thing the weekend is here, I hope that your family is feeling better and back to normal soon.

  2. dudachicken says:

    Seeing your kidlets sick is the worst thing I hope they are both feeling better now and that they didn’t pass it around to you or Lynne.

    • neilirving says:

      They are much better and thankfully didn’t pass anything to me but Lynne has not been well, Heather is back in school against doctors advice and we have had letters and phone calls about her school attendance, lol they have had letters and phone calls from us, absolutely nuts

  3. dudachicken says:

    Oh no poor Lynne that is usually what happens to me my step son gets sick and then I get it but at least now I know that’s not hard to do with having a auto immune disease. I hope she is feeling a lot better now. That’s just crazy with my stepsons school if you have a doctors certificate they don’t follow things up it’s when you don’t let the school know that they crack up but even then it’s so hard to get all the departments to come together and implement their truancy policy I reckon they should cut the dole payments of the parents who don’t send their children for no known reason then more children would be attending the whole system over here is so flawed it’s not funny.

    • neilirving says:

      The usual thing shout first ask questions later, departments not speaking to each other, we have given the school a note from the doctor’s and rang the school every other day, I don’t normally catch what the kids have but when it gets passed to Lynne I get it, touching wood I’m ok so far

  4. dudachicken says:

    That’s crazy really that they can stuff things up like that yes education is very important ( I realise this now wish I did when I was a kid lol) but so is children’s health I know how sick you can get with tonsillitis ( I also had a severe reaction to the antibiotics to treat the tonsillitis which nearly killed me and I was 21 at the time and it took me 1 and half years to get over it) the last thing you want when you are that sick is to be at school that’s ridiculous and stupid. I’m glad it didn’t get to you all three out of four of you is enough

    • neilirving says:

      I blame our government some of the changes they have made to Cameron’s final year exams which where put in place a year ago are ridiculous, our schools are run like businesses and in some places funded by local corporations which makes things very narrow minded, thankfully everyone is on the mend, having horses and the outdoor lifestyle certainly helps our immune system we are not ill like we used to be

  5. dudachicken says:

    I blame our government too I just found out yesterday that my nephew who is in grade 10 is on holidays already I can’t believe that when I went to school the only year we got out early was grade 12 I hope that’s not the case for my stepson as that would mean we will probably have to go back to mediation to sort that out again next year as he will be in grade 9 it would seem to me that teachers want more time off to plan and have their own holidays than actually teach nowadays. I’m glad your all on the mend I am ringing the specialist today as I haven’t heard back from them since being referred to him by my doctor.

    • neilirving says:

      What makes me laugh it teacher training is in term time and the kids are kept off, but the kids get put under pressure for being off, hope you get somewhere with the specialists today

  6. dudachicken says:

    Yep you got that right it’s so wrong. Well I rang the hospital which is where the specialist is I had to find the correct number because the one my doctor gave me was wrong then I had to go through press 1 for this service process finally get though to the specialist’s receptionist I ask about my referral and guess what they didn’t receive it so I ring my doctors office and the receptionist informs me that it was sent the day I was there last Tues so she then faxed the referral to the specialist grr what a rigmarole that was so hard for me to do all that as I’ve been getting anxiety so I finally get the courage to ring and all this happens I’m not happy Jan lol that’s a reference to a classic aussie ad here is the link to that ad lol.

    • neilirving says:

      It drives me mad when doctors and hospitals can’t get the basic administration right first time, they are dealing with people’s lives and health,
      I only run a garage and the manufacturer has us jumping through hoops collecting customer contact info, follow up calls and emails, service reminders and special offers, and if we don’t do stuff on time there’s hell to pay i

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