Bon Jovi – Come On Up To Our House

You just can’t beat a good Bon Jovi ballad

Bon Jovi


About neilirving

hello and welcome, We live on the Wirral Peninsula, Merseyside, in the United Kingdom, My wife Lynne and I have been together now for over 19 years and we have two Kids Cameron and Heather, I work in the motor trade and have worked for the same company Windsors Of Wallasey, since I left school at 16 years old, Early February 2017 I left my current employer and went to as Liverpool Seat, , a big step after 27 years I love taking photographs so images will be linked from my Flickr account and Instagram account, Nearly all of the photographs are taken on my mobile phone camera lol its always with me and they are all for sale and are available in a number of different formats, please drop me a message for any more info I also spend as much time as I can reading and listening to music and enjoy many different genres, other hobbies include wine making, walking, and looking after our chickens, We spent a good part of 2012 with our horse (Kelly) who we rescued in January and we learned so much and very quickly about horses, we had to work so hard with her and as time as went by we made a really great horse out of her, in June 2012 we got are puppy Ruby, April 2013 we sold Kelly on and we bought Jack are 4 year old cob cross in May 2013, in August 2013 we rescued Skye a 6 year old coloured cob who was completely un-handled and has been a pleasure to work with, sadly in March 2015 we had to sell Jack, no matter how hard we tried we could not stop him from kicking and we had all been injured by him and we have to think about the kids
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35 Responses to Bon Jovi – Come On Up To Our House

  1. dudachicken says:

    I love Bon Jovi too 🙂

  2. dudachicken says:

    Very Cool my fave song is Bad Medicine 🙂

    • neilirving says:

      I really like the early records, I had a picture disk vinyl album of New Jersey, another of my favourite albums was Young Guns which went with the movie of the same name 🙂

  3. dudachicken says:

    Yes both are my faves too I don’t know how many times I saw Young Guns when I was a teen and I remember having a huge movie poster of it on my wall lol.

  4. dudachicken says:

    That would be cool and maybe worth something I wish I’d kept all my stuff when I was little a lot of it would be worth something now at least it didn’t go to waste I know my niece and nephew loved my stuff as much as I did 🙂

  5. dudachicken says:

    Very Cool I have been adding what I could remember I had in the way of records, tapes and cd’s to Spotify lol, A lot of mine was either stolen or broken by the foster kids we had over the years and the rest I gave away to my family.

  6. dudachicken says:

    Wow what a collection you have there mate it’s very impressive indeed. I did that many years ago I have my music on one of our hard-drives somewhere lol 🙂

  7. dudachicken says:

    I bet you did lol We did the same a while back need to find the photo’s again so I can put some old pictures up when I get some energy some days finding clothes to wear is tiring enough.

  8. dudachicken says:

    I would love to do that but my man is paranoid about security online so I can’t see us doing that 🙂

    • neilirving says:

      Lynne worries about online security, I worry about the hard drive storage failure or getting lost, great thing with online storage is as long as you have Internet you can view your stuff

  9. dudachicken says:

    Yeah I was a bit worried about the comp I won yesterday but I rang them back to clarify that it was all legit so fingers crossed I get my prize pack and I haven’t been scammed. Yeah I wouldn’t want my stuff lost or corrupted either. You have a good point there I still don’t think my man will let me he gets quite paranoid about those things lol.

    • neilirving says:

      Well done on the comp, I should do some comps, online storage seems pretty secure, with my Gmail account I get unlimited photo back up storage, backs up every night while on charge, and 16gig of Google drive storage

  10. dudachicken says:

    Thanks again. Yeah you should it doesn’t take long to do and if you win it’s so exciting I put my address on the screen when I ring them back because I get so excited I forget my address lol. Wow that sounds like a good deal you have there I have gmail as well but don’t use it much lol.

    • neilirving says:

      With Gmail I think everyone gets the same, Hotmail is similar to in fact I think you get even more storage, personally I prefer Gmail also has a full office suite with great sharing options, I have a separate account for work and business

  11. dudachicken says:

    Oh ok thanks for letting me know that I have both but just use Hotmail for emails and Gmail for Youtube subscribing and posting my blog and articles I like on my Gmail account I will probably get into things more when I get fully better as I just can’t be online all day as I get tired and have to have rests throughout the day and I’ve been going to bed by 9 pm I spend most my time either resting or sleeping or awake trying to sleep lol.

    • neilirving says:

      Hope you are feeling better soon, I’m normally falling asleep by 9pm, but I am awake at 5am most mornings, just don’t sleep like I used to, Gmail is the best I think and of course if you have a android phone or tablet it works perfectly

  12. dudachicken says:

    Yeah I will get there I think this Thyroid stuff will take some time to get sorted out at least seeing others out there who have gone through it now living a almost normal life gives me much hope which is what I’m clinging on to right now to get through this. I’m almost on the same sleep routine as you but I try and stay in bed as long as I can weather I go back to sleep or not it seems to help my head if I rest it more before I get up and take my Thyroid tablet in the morning today we both got up at 7.30 am as we lost our power last night sometime due to the strong wind and rain it’s been mad here the last few days weather wise it was very nice to have a uninterrupted sleep in for once no wonder the cats were going off they were hungry we usually feed them at 6 am lol.
    Yeah we have both a android tablet and a android phone but I don’t use either that much mostly the phone for calls to friends and family I occasionally use it for photos John uses them both more than I do I use my desktop and tv and spotify more atm 🙂

    • neilirving says:

      Took a while for Lynne’s thyroid meds to level out and she has to be checked regularly to make sure everything is OK
      I only use my phone for more or less everything, I’m sat in front of a desk top all day in work, one of the best things I bought was the Chromecast dongle, youtube, Spotify, catch up tv and photos all on the 50 inch TV is brilliant, I even cast my ebooks to the tv lol

  13. dudachicken says:

    Oh ok thanks for letting me know we are discussing me going home to my mum and stepdad up north to see if I can get in up there sooner. That’s cool sorry I’m not very talkative today been really unwell with low blood pressure since last night just woke up and thought I go through my e-mails and then back to resting.

  14. dudachicken says:

    Almost back to just my tired hormone pimple ridden self it’s funny I can almost handle every else but when I get the low blood pressure it’s horrible the head spins are really scary. We are going to the hospital today to see what the go is John is getting off work extra early so he can take me if there is a long wait to see the specialist down here I will be going to live at my mum and stepdads up in Cairns until I get the results I need and want.

    • neilirving says:

      Hope everything goes well at the hospital and results come through quickly, anything that affects your balance and makes you dizzy is horrible, apart from maybe a beer or two 🙂

  15. dudachicken says:

    Check my latest blog post what a rigmarole I have been on. Lol well I haven’t been able to drink much for a few years now it just knocks me around and puts me to sleep even after just one drink of anything.

  16. dudachicken says:

    Yep I still can’t believe what has happened it’s really shocking in this day and age but at least we can now move on and see if my home town can fix me 🙂

  17. dudachicken says:

    Yeah exactly what’s going on hey I might have to start a conspiracy theory on that lol.

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