Cars Past and Present

Going through some old photos I found some pictures of cars that were in the family over the years

First up is a Ford Corsair 2000e


next up is Ford Granada Mk1




My Grandad had a Fiat 2300 Estate I have really fond memories of this car and its big shiny,slippy red bench seats, lol and I loved my bike




My dads Ford Corsair 2000e in the background



Still to this day don’t know how we managed to go on holiday in this little Datsun 100A all the way to South Wales, the five of us and luggage I’m pretty sure this was taken on Pendine Sands in South Wales


An this was in New Brighton we would have been going to the model boating lake 🙂 we used to love it there as kids


Another holiday we went and stayed in a place called Chwilog in North Wales dad had a silver Ford Granada Mk2 at the time, me and my brothers and dad pictured outside the little cottage


Getting a post holiday clean, lol and my little brother all dressed up as a warrior of some sort


I used to love this Cortina Mark IV 2.3 auto it was very fast a bit of a wolf in sheep’s clothing



Growing up spent I many a happy hour covered in paint and oil helping my dad restore his ever growing collection of classic cars, Unfortunately there are very few pictures of all the cars and the restoration process, unlike these days with digital cameras and mobile phones every step can be documented

This is the first major restoration we did A 1949 AC 2 litre two door saloon , in the early 80’s we moved to a bigger house with a good sized garage and drive way which allowed us to get more cars

Me and my little brother in the car and my dad eager to get started


My Granddad who being a carpenter remade the wood frame under the aluminium body



My Dad with the finished Car


She has been on loan to the Llangollen Motor Museum for the last 10 years or so


Having old cars about the place was the norm growing up like the 1959 BMW Isetta





The next major project was a 1951 Lea-Francis 14hp Four-Light Saloon, which came with no engine or gearbox but otherwise a complete car, the body had been stripped to the bare aluminium and the trim was in boxes




Again not many pictures of the restoration but we could not find an engine (no ebay or internet back then) so a old Ford Capri was found and the engine and gearbox was grafted in along with the wiring and some changes to the suspension and brakes

Dad contemplating the newly recoverd interior trim


The last time we saw the Lea-Francis it was in Mouldsworth Motor Museum loaned by the current owner




This was a real wreck when it turned up a half rebuild body shell and the rest in cardboard boxes a 1965 MGB Roadster



Another memorable Restoration was a 1964 Triumph 2000 mk1, We got this car of a friend of mine from work as payment for painting his Landrover for him

The poor thing was in a bit of a mess



We actually have a picture half way through being restored


Being backed out of the garage for its first road test



Me and Dad with the Triumph


Even my Grandad got in on the act with his 1976 Triumph 2000 TC mk2 stayed in the family for many years, first it was my Dads and them My Grandad had it till about 5 years before he died,






and I had a 1974 Triumph 2000 mk2 for a while

Me and M509 REA

It went to many classic car shows and a few changes over the years




lol I think we went through a bit of a Triumph faze


went to lots of shows and club events over the years and even we even helped to organise a local show with the Triumph Appreciation Wirral car club







dad had a Rover SD1’s

I loved this car the 3.5 V8 was fun


My little Citroën 2CV 🙂 I loved this little car lol Lynne wasn’t that impressed though



And after that I bought a 1989 Nissan Bluebird off my mum and dad



My son Cameron was even photographed for a local newspaper sat on the bonnet on the 10 birthday of our local Triumph Appreciation Wirral car club

4 Genearations of triumphs

My dads 1970 Triumph 2.5 PI

Looking a little bit tired coming out of the lock up garage where she had lived for a while


Looking good and a little bit updated



but there where all sorts of other cars that never got photographed, it’s a shame we didn’t have digital cameras and mobile phone cameras like we do now and everything gets photographed

Dads motor looks nice parked next to my Rover 827 Sterling


My Rover 827 Sterling all clean

Dads little Toyota MR2

lol he was always a boy racer at heart


The cars all clean

My new little silver Nissan Micra and Rover 827 Sterling in the background and the one in the middle is Lynnes Vauxhall Vectra

My Little Nissan Micra looking better with proper Nissan wheel trims


In 2015 fitted some brand new used alloy wheels to the Nissan Micra


And in September 2012 Lynne picked up her Toyota Corolla Verso of her mum and dad


Update in May 2016 we sold the Toyota to We Buy Any Car. Com and got a really good deal

Early March 2017 the Nissan Micra died with a bang and the next day picked up a little 1996 Toyota Starlet

Before we gave it a good clean up and Polish


And after Lynne, Cameron and I gave it a good going over


A year later I put the Wheels off the Nissan Micra on the Toyota Starlet, I think it looks quite good

Cameron is now driving and got himself a nice little Ford Fiesta

Didn’t take him long to make some modifications

Just after 12 months he’s gone and got another Ford Fiesta, this time it’s an ST

Dads 1970 Triumph 2.5 PI getting an airing

Took the Triumph to its first car meet and show in a while

Lol didn’t drag race the Camero honest 😁

The lad has bought his first classic car, a 32 year old heavily modified Nissan Sunny with a tuned 1.8 16 valve engine from a late model Nissan Almera


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  3. texaslawstudent says:

    This is so cool! I love old family photos and pictures of old cars, planes, boats, and the like.

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