Highlight’s And Favorite Videos

Some of my favorite videos from over the years taken from YouTube channel

Monthly Highlights videos

Boxing Day

March Of Snail

Flookburgh Sunset

Lake District

Time Lapse Tide Coming In

Time Lapse Horse Grooming

Helen And Topsy’s Wedding

Time Lapse Cooking Sunday dinner 11.09.16

Heather Finally Cantering

My Photography

2015’s Highlights

Lynne and Skye Having A Gallop

Chased by Gertrude

Bubbling Away

Ruby Egging The Chickens On For A Chase

2013’s Highlights

How To Bath A Dragon

The Beef And Potato Dance

Lynne, Skye, Jack And I Out On A Hack

Skye Loves To Run

Lynne And Jack

Ruby And The Broom

Cameron In A Field In A Box

Join-Up With Kelly

Ruby As A Puppy

Helen Singing On The karaoke After A Drunken Day At Chester Rocks Music Festival

Kelly Likes Joe Bonamassa

Heather has discovered we have Lego

Cameron Lunging Jack back in February 2012